Housing/Privacy/Cyber Panel

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 This panel will discuss the connected, personalized housing innovations of now and the future. Such connections offer convenience and security, but also potential for breakdowns and security breaches. How will we take advantage of IOT in our homes and use household “personas” while maintaining privacy and peace of mind? Panelists will discuss practical applications of advanced technology, cutting edge innovations, and security for high-tech homes.


June 8, 2022

12 pm – 1 pm

Mel Jones

Mel Jones


Associate Director of the  Virginia Center for Housing Research  at Virginia Tech, Xinghua Gao, Assistant Professor Myers-Lawson School of Construction, and Managing Director, ARCADE Lab, Virginia Tech and Philip Agee, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Building ConstructionResearch Faculty, Virginia Center for Housing Research and Courtesy Faculty, Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech.