Smart Solutions to a Clean Energy Future

Friday, February 5th

 Time: 12:00-1:00pm


The next three decades will witness a transformation of the energy system and how we use it. What will the future look like? How can wind and solar energy meet demand for electricity when the weather doesn’t cooperate? What role do communities play in meeting the challenges of our evolving energy landscape? Join experts from Dominion Energy, Virginia Tech, and Global Council for Science and the Environment for a panel discussion of renewable energy, electric vehicles, smart-grid technology, distributed generation, virtual power plants, green hydrogen, and more as we search for smart solutions to a clean energy future. 

Moderator: Peggy Fox, Media & Community Relations Manager of Dominion Energy

Panelists (click on names for bios):

Emil Avram, Vice President of Business Development at Dominion Energy

Devon Gallagher, Nuclear Safety Engineer at Dominion Energy 

Dr. Saifur RahmanJoseph Loring Professor at Virginia Tech

Michelle WymanExecutive Director at the Global Council for Science and the Environment