Smart City Works to Host Pitch and Play – Smart Arlington: Post-COVID Economic Recovery

NOVEMEBER 10, 2020– Technology startups from around the...

November 10, 2020

NOVEMEBER 10, 2020– Technology startups from around the world will present their cutting-edge solutions to municipal post-COVID public  safety challenges

About the competition

In partnership with Arlington Economic Development, Smart City Works will hold a regionally focused Pitch and Play to  find the best public safety solutions that will support Arlington County’s economy by allowing a safe return to work and  school.

At least eight technology startups from around the world will present their cutting-edge solutions to municipal post COVID public safety challenges to an audience of Arlington government officials and other public safety, innovation, and  community stakeholders from around the region.  

The winning provider will be awarded up to $1,500 to present a solution that:

  • aligns with the County’s guiding principles or goals
  • uses an innovative approach to advance county priorities;
  • prioritizes disadvantaged residents and communities;
  • maintains resident privacy and data security;  
  • demonstrates its value to the county; and
  • has the potential to scale upward.  


Companies and entities of all sizes and from all over the world may submit a proposal

Companies must:

  • Must be a technology product  
  • Must improve community safety
  • Must be a Series A or B, Seed or Pre-Seed Company


A selection committee will evaluate and score proposals and select finalists. The selection and evaluation process will be  based on specified criteria, to include:

  • Does the product provide workers confidence in their health and safety in the workplace? • Does the product reduce risk of Covid 19 in the workplace?
  • Does the product effectively discover and inform workers of an active infection?
  • Is the product scalable?
  • Is the product cost effective?
  • Will the product improve outcomes?


1:05 pm-1:10pm– Kickoff and Welcome from Smart City Works (Carola Mandelbaum, Robert  Mazer, Telly Tucker Director of Arlington Eco Development)

1:10pm – 1:40pm– Panel Discussion and Q&A  

David Herlihy – Arlington County
Dave Ritchie – JBG Smith

1:40-2:40– Eight company pitches  

2:40-2:50– Judge deliberation and SCW branding pitch  

2:50-3pm– Awards and Close-out

Confirmed Judges

Lisa Brown– Johnson Controls

Ryan Lopez– Cushman &Wakefield

David Ihrie– Center for Innovative Technology (CIT)

Anne Ellis– Charles Pankow Foundation

About the participating companies  

Join us to hear from ground-breaking companies who have developed new capabilities for enabling businesses to get back  to work and are helping to speed regional economic recovery. They include, among others, technologies that:

  • manage delivery of official public health COVID results and patient monitoring
  • control and/ or filter in-building air to reduce transmissions  
  • provide in-building or on-campus close-contact tracing and alerting • enable pathogen detection in restaurants and the food industry

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