Smart Region Initiative
Northern Virginia and Greater Washington, DC

Our Vision

Transform Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington region into a global urban innovation hub and national testbed for digital services and capabilities that improve the livability, sustainability, health, and resilience of cities.

South-by-Southwest (SXSW)

We are excited to announce that Smart City Works and our partner European American Enterprise Council (EAEC) are attending South-by-Southwest (SXSW)!

We will feature seven Northern Virginia companies under our regional booth and connect them with dozens of potential clients and investors, encouraging economic partnerships and development in our region. In addition, EAEC will provide expert preparation guidance and matchmaking support to create fruitful and lasting investment relations.

If you are registered to attend SXSW, please connect with us by searching for Smart City Works in the Expo Platform. See you there!

View Featured Companies
View Featured Companies

Our impact


Companies Assessed


Cohort Companies Graduated


Startups led by women, minorities and veterans


New products launched by cohort companies


Pilot/Test beds established


Smart Region Events/Innovation Challenges

Go Northern Virginia: Investment and Growth

Smart City Works, with partners Washington DC ArchAngels and VA Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC), announced a new grant award supporting the Northern Virginia Smart Region Initiative. The $1.9 million grant was approved by the Virginia Growth and Opportunity State Board.

With the "Go Northern Virginia" grant, Smart City Works will fill a much-needed gap supporting high-growth, technology start-ups and SMEs in Northern Virginia. This grant has the ability to accelerate their growth and create pathways of commercialization to spur and sustain economic development.

Create Testbed and Pilot Opportunities and other pathways to commercialization

Our GOVA program engages and supports high‐tech companies seeking to launch new urban technology solutions. Smart City Works will develop pilot projects for companies to demonstrate, test, and validate their capabilities, products, or services. Armed with the results of these activities, companies confirm technical viability, better demonstrate market product fit, and speed early market adoption.

Expand Business Acceleration Program

Through our sister organization, Smart City Works Venture Labs, the 90‐day intensive business accelerator program is designed to propel cohort companies into the marketplace endowed with proven products and equipped with the skills to grow and compete for market share and funding.

Angel Investor Training

Increase regional angel investment in the smart cities space. We plan to identify, recruit, and train 120 accredited angel investors on startup investing. This will be done by

(1) utilizing the Washington DC Arch Angel’s Entrepreneur Assessment and Guidance Report (EAGR) - teaching folks how to assess an innovative tech-based startup

(2) hosting presentations on key industry terms (e.g. due diligence, value proposition). Through community partnerships, we will showcase and attract smart city startups to our region.


i6 Economic Development Challenge

The Smart Region Initiative, powered by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s "i6 Economic Development Challenge" grant, brings together governments, universities, businesses, and non-profit organizations to foster the the development of dynamic, smart city, technology innovations to tackle local, urban challenges and expand economic growth in Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington Region.

Along with our partners from the private sector and local government, our goals are to:

Accelerate the development and lower the risk profile of companies seeking to provide innovative solutions to urban challenges
Grow the number of startups and highly skilled tech talent that create high-income jobs in the region
Facilitate the commercialization and implementation of innovative products and services
Strengthen the regional smart city community by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship

Our Goals and Outcomes

60 Graduates

from our Apprenticeship Program

18 Smart Region Events

including demodays, thought leadearship event, pitch competitions and neworking events

90 Jobs

created or retained

$9 Million Invested

in cohort companies

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