Finding the Funding: A Conversation About Women Founders

Recent headlines are painting a rather grim picture. Bloomberg reported in January 2022 that female founders secured only 2% of the record $330 billion of venture capital investment in 2021, their smallest share since 2016.

Join Cox Business and Girls in Tech DC for a discussion with innovative and impactful female founders, operators, and investors to unpack the current landscape of starting new ventures. What are the obstacles and opportunities? What really needs to happen to move the needle for meaningful investment in women-led businesses?

Our Speakers

Jennifer Krusius

Venture Partner, ABS Capital Partners

Monique Maley

President, Founder, Articulate Persuasion

Stephanie Marshall

Co-Founder, Citrine Angels

Susan Velasco

Head of Startup Product Strategy, Amazon Web Services

Ryan Wilson

CEO, Boardwalk Collective

Cox Business

Terri Rice

Senior Marketing Manager, Multicultural, Cox Business

Girls In Tech DC

Baan Alsinawi

Co-Managing Director, Girls in Tech DC

Catherine Avon

Co-Managing Director, Girls in Tech DC

Esther Lee

CEO, Refraction & Board Member, Girls in Tech DC.